Press Release Archive
9 Sep 2016 Lasergraphics begins production of world's only 10K motion picture film scanning system
13 Apr 2015 Lasergraphics adds the ScanStation Personal to its family of popular film scanners
12 Sep 2014 Lasergraphics begins production of world's only 5K motion picture film scanning system
7 Sep 2012 Lasergraphics introduces new high-speed motion picture film scanner
11 Jul 2012 Warner Bros. selects the Director scanner for their most demanding film scanning requirements
9 Sep 2011 Lasergraphics introduces double and triple-flash High Dynamic Range technology
24 Jan 2011 French National Archive selects the Director scanner for major film restoration projects
11 Jul 2007 Lasergraphics Begins Shipments of World's Fastest Pin-registered Film Scanner
12 Sep 2006 Lasergraphics Introduces The Director, The World's Fastest Pin-registered Motion Picture Film Scanner

News Archive
21 Apr 2019 Filmmaker unearths historical treasures in home movies
09 May 2018 Dailies specialist invests in 65mm film scanner
15 Dec 2017 Stanford News: Vintage film provides Stanford scientists new insights about Antarctica
28 Apr 2017 The Lost Picture Show: Hollywood Archivists Can’t Outpace Obsolescence
23 Apr 2017 TEDxStanford: How we look kilometers below the Antartic ice sheet (ScanStation featured)
Oct 2014 Ina and Gaumont Pathé Archives chose Lasergraphics
04 Oct 2013 NanoTech Entertainment's 4K Studios Aquires Lasergraphics' The Director - Ultra HD 4K Film Scanners
11 Sep 2009 Globalstor's Extremestor-DI to add Muscle to Lasergraphics' Director Demo at IBC 2009
25 Mar 2009 Quantel announces Lasergraphics support for Genetic Engineering