Large format area imagers are far superior to line imagers used by telecines and real-time scanners.

Area Imager


Line Imager

(The Competition)

ScanStation Director 10K
MotionContinuousFrame by frameContinuous
Warped film toleranceGoodVery goodPoor
Triple-flash scanning for print filmNoYesNo
Light integration for dirt/scratchVery goodPoor
Splice toleranceVery goodPoor
Banding due to dirt in aperture

No problem

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Dirt always accumulates near the edge of the scanning aperture during scanning.  For area imagers, this dirt typically remains outside of the active image area because the scanning aperture is oversized.
Big problem

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In contrast, line imager apertures are narrow slits.  Therefore, when dirt becomes lodged in the line imager aperture, it is always in the active image area and therefore it causes vertical banding in all subsequent frames, as shown here.

Gentle sound scan for old filmYesNo (24 fps only)