Large format area imagers are far superior to line imagers used by telecines and real-time scanners.

Area Imager


Line Imager

(The Competition)

ScanStation Director 10K
MotionContinuousFrame by frameContinuous
Warped film toleranceGoodVery goodPoor
Triple-flash scanning for print filmNoYesNo
Light integration for dirt/scratchVery goodPoor
Splice tolerance

Splice tolerance is especially important for old film because the frames near a splice are often needed.  

Very good

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Optical pin-registration eliminates the film registration problems caused by film splices.

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Edge-guided telecines and film scanners can not handle splices well.  Splices cause a lateral shift in the image position when they touch the edge guide, which in turn creates lateral color shifts in the image.
Banding due to dirt in apertureNo problemBig problem
Gentle sound scan for old filmYesNo (24 fps only)