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Irvine, California, July 11th, 2007 — Lasergraphics, Inc. has begun full-scale shipments of its highly anticipated pin-registered motion picture film scanning system.  The Director scans HD and 1.85 images at 9 frames-per-second (fps), full frame 2K at 6 fps, and standard definition at 12 fps.  In addition to its use in the television industry, The Director is the perfect Digital Intermediate workflow complement to Lasergraphics' award-winning line of Producer motion picture film recorders.

The Director features a low noise CCD area array and continuously calibrated LED light source to ensure optimal image quality on all film stocks.  The built-in Keykode reader allows for frame-accurate scanning and for the embedding of both Keykodes and time-codes into DPX output files.  A Positive Air Pressure System with a HEPA filter prevents dirt from entering the system during scanning.

“We tested most of the scanners currently available.  The Director matches the competitors on resolution and color, and its noise level is the lowest of them all.  The Lasergraphics Director is the clear winner,” comments Alessandro Pelliccia, owner of Augustus Color, Rome.

Peter Barber, Managing Director of Blackmagic Design Singapore affirms, “We are very happy with The Director.  Lasergraphics has a fantastic team and a fantastic scanner that I’m sure will make their competitors cry.”  Charlie Ellis, Blackmagic's Senior Colorist adds, “The scans from The Director surpass the quality of any datacine or telecine I've worked with over the last 18 years.  The Director's mechanical engineering is world class precision work in itself, simplifying the entire scanning process even further.  It's a real treat to work with a no fuss machine that repeats its scanning task with flawless results.”

The Director is competitively priced at $199,000 for 35mm, and $249,000 for 35mm and 16mm.  Its modular design enables quick interchangeability between 35mm and 16mm while ensuring fast and easy service worldwide.  Pelliccia remarks, “The launch of The Director once again proves that Lasergraphics is among the foremost innovators in our industry.”

Lasergraphics, Inc., founded in 1981 and headquartered in Irvine, California, is a leading designer and manufacturer of high resolution, high speed film recording and scanning systems for the motion picture industry.

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